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FEZA Artificial Leather R&D Center, which develops itself with renewed technology and gains strength day by day with its high production quality, was established in 2013. In the establishment of our R&D center, two projects were carried out jointly with TUBITAK. These projects "Hard-Burning Artificial Leather" and "Development of Artificial Leather for Chest Covering in Automotive" we’re among the Works that will added value to our country and the world. FEZA R&D Center consists of parts as Laboratories, Process Development, R&D sample production, test equipment, etc.

Our R&D laboratories have rich in frastructure in flammability tests, light fastness, yarn and fabric rubbing fastness, waterproof test, color fastness tests, martindale abrasion and moisture determination test, strength (tear-breaking) tests, step meter test, sweat fastness.

Various trials, process development studies, cost reduction and efficiency increase studies with dye stuff sand chemicals in our R&D centers and their tests are carried out continuously within the scope of R&D center studies. Our R&D center is based on customer satisfaction in an accredited structure.

Projects are carried out in the R&D center to develop innovative, functional, environment and people-oriented products with high added value and efficient processes that have a competitive advantage by using advanced techniques, methods and Technologies with R&D personel trained in different disciplines. Our R&D center was also honored with the Best Artificial Developer Award at the 2022 "Research and Development Awards", making our company proud. We make our R&D investments based in Europe. We will announce our R&D activities, which started in Germany, to the whole world in the near future.

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