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What is artificial leather?

It is a product that is equivalent to real leather or has its own characteristics in terms of durability, variety of use and workability.

How is artificial leather made?

With PVC and PU based coating, the desired color, thickness, weight, pattern and touch are also made with the desired finish.

Where is artificial leather used?

Its usage areas have a wide range and mainly; upholstery, clothing, shoes, accessories, promotions, etc. used in many fields.

Does artificial leather have harmful effects on human health?

If artificial leather products comply with the REACH regulation in terms of human health worldwide, they do not have harmful effects on human health.

What is the durability of artificial leather compared to real leather?

Artificial leather products are produced in a more sustainable color, pattern, thickness and weight compared to real leather. It is durable for many years if quality raw materials are used.

What is the warranty period of artificial leather products?

The warranty period of our artificial leather products depends on the product content and is at least 2 years.

Do you have dealers and stores?

You can reach the addresses of our dealers and stores on our contact page.

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