About Us

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About Us

Our Mission

Our aim is to transform Dinçerler Tekstil into a family business; to ensure that all employees are respectful and tolerant to each other, to develop a strong cooperation between the employees and the team spirit that they feel safe without worrying about their future, and at the same time to be a manufacturer that offers reliable, quality products at the optimum price.

Our Vision

To create a fast production line with most reliable and quality products at the most affordable price. In this direction, within the frame of the vision of the company and the preferred corporate operations by its stakeholders, both the sustainability and the understanding of social responsibility and its practises will be with on-going development maintained.

Discover our story

Dinçerler Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş was founded in 1965 by the Dinçerler family, who has over 55 years of corporate identity efforts and professional experience in artificial leather production, and its main field of activity is to produce and market a production range of PVC-based artificial leather.

As of its inception until today due to the importance given to the quality the company has achieved a solid market place specifically amongst the most sought-for brands in Turkey and our reputation has grown rapidly.

Dinçerler Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş serves many sectors such as Upholstery, Automotive, Footwear, Bag, Clothing etc. In addition, our company has gained an “anti-bacterial product” certificate which has also created a notable improvement for us within our sector.


Dinçerler Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., whose sole business is the production of artificial leather, has increased its annual production up to 8.000.000 m2.

From its foundation to this day, Dinçerler Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret AS has advanced as a pioneer and leader within its sector in Turkey and it is steadily progressing towards the top league of the largest industrial enterprises by improving its place every year.

Feza Artificial Leather has developed its production infrastructure continuously since the first years of its production, and has always achieved its targets of affordable price and quality production with the latest technology machine park and production line.

The raw materials, dyes and auxiliary materials used are high quality, healthy and environmentally friendly materials produced with the latest technologies. Apart from the machinery, our factory continues to race to provide faster and better quality service to our customers with the latest technology, computers and electronic equipment.



As a result of years of production experience and commercial relations, our company has realized the necessity of R&D studies based on systematic and scientific foundations in the globalizing world. As a result, our Board of Directors has decided to establish an R&D unit that will conduct scientific and systematic research.

FEZA R&D, which started its activities in 2013; develops new products with international quality standards in line with the needs and expectations in the sector with its experienced engineers and technicians.
At the same time, FEZA R&D carries out projects by establishing strategic partnerships with universities, suppliers and customers.

Devices and tests performed in our research and development laboratory:
  • Moisture Test Device
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Density Measuring Device
  • Ft-Ir Device
  • Martındale Wear Device
  • Viscosimeter
  • Flow Cup
  • Refractometer
  • Flexometer
  • Testing Resistance Against
  • Water Penetration
  • Tensile, Breaking, Permanent
  • Elongation, Adhesion Test
  • Crochmeter Device – Friction Test
  • Color Fastness Determination Device In Skin
  • Light Cabinet
  • LOI Test Device
  • Cigarette and Match non-flammability
  • Combustibility Test Device
  • Persprometer (Sweat, Seawater Fastness Test)