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Sustainability at FEZA

FEZA aims to generate social and environmental values as well as economic values by integrating its sustainability strategy into our business strategy. We continue to take continuous steps on environmental, social and economic sustainability, which are the three main headings of the sustainability concept.

1) Sustainable Economy

The goal of our R&D team is to contribute to our sustainable business strategy by developing environmentally friendly innovative products that meet consumer needs. Thus; We closely examine consumer expectation sand the sources of our content, and work on actions that will improve our production methods. The ingredients used in our product decompose and turn into organic substances, and it is aimed not to cause any harm by the natural cycles of the world.

2) Sustainable Environment

We continue our efforts for a more sustainable environment by taking continuous steps in waste management, waste water management, reducing our carbondioxide gas emissions, and solar panels and energy management.

3)Sustainable Society

Our Human Resources vision with in the scope of our sustainability strategy; With in the framework of diversity and inclusion, to offer all our employees an innovative and modern working environment with in the framework of diversity and inclusion. We support an egalitarian and free working life by placing active communication among employees at the focal point of our work culture.

Our policies and procedures with in the scope of social life at FEZA

Equal Opportunity: We implement a policy of equal pay for work without any discrimination, including gender, language, religion, political views, and ideologies.
Career Management: The performances of all our employees are evaluated and opportunities are offered to contribute to their development.
Social Compliance: We are always open to the opinions and suggestions of our employees through various communication ways and platforms, and the suggestions we receive enable new activities to be added to our social life.
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